10 Reasons To Buy a Brand-New House

10 reasons to buy a new house.png

1) Custom Design

New home builders, such as Cardel Homes, offer floor plans that function and flow, meeting the specific needs of each homeowner. Designers are available to assist the owner with feature and finish selections that bring authentic style and function to the space.

2) 2018 Technology

New homes have the outlets and updates to keep owners plugged in and operating at maximum efficiency.

3) Energy Conservation

New homes have thicker wall insulation and double-paned windows, acting as a sound barrier and energy conserver. Highly efficient heating and cooling appliances save owners money and benefit the environment.

4) Warranty

Many builders offer a 10-year warranty on structural defects and a 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship. 

5) Low Maintenance 

All new appliances are in perfect working order. Composite building material won't weather or crack and won't need to be painted every few years.

6) Safe and Sound

New homes are constructed to the latest building codes, ensuring all recorded safety requirements are met.

7) Fire Safety

Smoke detectors are built-in and building materials are compliant with safety codes.

8) Financing Incentives

Builders often work with a mortgage company that can offer incentives to buyers in any their featured communities.

9) New Homes Mean New Friends

In new home communities, such as Country Walk and Fishhawk Ranch, everyone is moving into the new community at the same time, providing them the opportunity to meet and greet.

Often, new communities attract like-minded people, so neighbors are likely to become friends.

10) Brand Spanking New

There is an emotional factor to owning something new. Some say, it is a gratifying satisfaction to be the first to hang art on a, never before touched freshly painted, wall of new home.